Cow-Owners Report – October 2015

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With fall in full swing, there’s changes that affect milk production for the cows here at the farm. Seasons are always coming and going, and it’s the same with milk cows. They go through cycles naturally.

As an owner in the cow-share program at Bartlett Farms, your milk deliveries are based on the milk your cow is giving. That’s right. So if your cow Milka is giving less, you are entitled to a lower milk supply. 


Below is a visual summary of the herd milking cycles. The curves represent the normal high and low points of the amount of milk a cow is expected to give. At about the middle of the chart, you’ll see October 2015. That’s where we’re at right now. Milka (lavender) is declining in preparation for calving this winter and Dora (light green) is also giving less milk due to late stage in milking. Tulip and Carmen have just given birth and are resuming their normal milk production levels. Dora has experienced a foot injury this summer which has contributed to an earlier reduction in milk as well.

2016 milk projection 9-17-15

I know you may be wondering exactly which cows you own, and where they fit in this picture. If you’d like to find out, shoot me an email at I’ll be happy to explain.

Posted by Peter on October 7th, 2015;

Bartlett Farms Dairy Manager


Carmen and her fall 2015 calf.