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2019 Fall Roundup Ordering Event








Last chance to get in on this season’s harvest

Make dinner #real easy.

“Pastured pork is such a precious safe food that cannot be found in the regular markets. Thank you for raising all your pastured animals. So many toddlers and children live with digestive disorders and their families are unaware that it is food related.” -Renee W. Metigoshe ND

Renee Wondrasek, Lake Metigoshe ND

Better meats, locally grown, delivered to your door.

Finally, the 2019 roundup for grass-fed and pastured meats is here!!

With kids in school and days getting darker earlier, we all need better nutrition to stay healthy. Foods that will fuel us through the dark mornings and keep us going all day. 

You know what it’s like!  

The challenge is finding foods that provide clean protein and the right kind of healthy fats

That’s why we’re super excited to give the fall 2019 roundup ordering event as a way to fill your freezer with meats from Bartlett Farms including:

  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • milk-fed pastured pork
  • pastured broiler chickens (with optional feet and giblets for broth!)
  • pastured Thanksgiving turkeys 

…and more!

All of the meats here at Bartlett Farms are raised with YOU in mind.

Zero antibiotics or artificial growth hormones

Zero estrogen-disrupting soy or inflammatory corn

Only natural supplements like raw milk, apple cider vinegar, and sea kelp fed to the animals for balanced minerals and healthier lives


When choosing grass-fed and pastured meats you get:

  • More clean protein the whole family can enjoy
  • More omega 3s that fight inflammation
  • More CLAs that help fight cancer
  • Less toxic gut-destroying antibiotics 
  • Less artificial hormones that can harm your body

“What a blessing it is to know exactly where your food is coming from! The passion Bartlett Farms has for their customers and products is obvious to anyone who visits the farm, or knows them personally. Thank you for providing our boys with the best start possible, and delivering our milk all the way to Bismarck.” Raelynn Schimetz, Richardton ND

Raelynn Schimetz

“I just loved seeing the chickens pecking all the bugs. I know that gives the chickens so much flavor, even after boiling all day for soup broth.” Marleena Ranglar, Grand Forks ND

Marleena Ranglar

“First-time customer; half-beef ordered. Bartlett Farms performed exactly according to all that they told us to expect from them – from the timing and pricing of the order to the delivery details to (maybe the most important aspect) the QUALITY of product. Without exaggerating or trying to prop them up, I can certainly say this is the BEST beef our family has ever had…” Robert Totman Fairdale ND

Robert Totman

Be confident your family is getting quality nutrition AND you’ll have a supply that will last all year long!

Choose Your Own 

Pastured Broiler Chickens

What you get:

-Sold in packs of six, twelve, or twenty-four, take home a box or two of large (4-5 lb) pastured broiler chickens. Get one FREE bonus bird with your order of 12 or more. 

-Includes heart, gizzard, liver, and feet for nutrient-dense bone broth. 

Regular and Heritage Pastured Turkeys

Spanish Black Heritage Turkeys

-Approx 15-20 lb deeply flavorful turkey

-Delivery FRESH for Thanksgiving

-Corn- and soy-free without antibiotics or medicated feed.

Regular Pastured Turkeys

-Large size! Approx 20 lbs

-Delivered frozen before Thanksgiving


All turkeys include neck and giblets for nutritious broth.


Heritage Breed Pastured Pork

What you get:

-Half hog gives you ~80 lbs heritage breed pastured pork delivery custom cut to your specifications.

-Whole hog gives you ~160 lbs heritage breed pastured pork delivery custom cut to your specifications.

-Optional fat for rendering lard.

100% Grass-fed Beef

What you get:

-Half beef gives you ~100 lbs of beef cut to your specifications including organ meats and tallow if desired. 

-Quarter beef gives you ~100 lbs of beef cut to your specifications including organ meats and tallow if desired.

100% grass-fed, raised without antibiotics, or artificial hormones.


 Whole Farm Packages

Take a careful look at the options below. Each package has been carefully planned based on a typical family’s needs for a year from our experience.

Super Stocker Whole Farm Package For A Family of 6+

It’s time to kick healthy eating into high gear! This Whole Farm Package is designed with your growing family in mind, giving you an easy way to get all the best meats your family needs all year long. Don’t have freezer space? No problem! We’ll customize delivery for you to fit your eating schedule. 

Includes large supply beef, pork, chicken, turkey.

Whole Farm Family Package for a Family of 4

Ready to take the plunge and start reinventing your family’s health? You’ve come to the right place! Our Whole Farm Package wraps up all the healthy meats into a convenient one-stop way to connect with your farmer and experience thriving health.

Includes moderate supply of beef, pork, chicken, turkey. 

Whole Farm Basic Package

This package is designed to get you started on the path to healing with a sampling of the meats we offer here at Bartlett Farms.

Includes beef, pork, and chicken.

Get started today!

Are there really differences between conventional and pastured pork? Find out in the video.

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