We love the fact you’re exploring the possibility of working with Bartlett Farms! To us, that means you might be a great team member. 

You have talent, and you have passion. What would it look like to put those skills to use in promoting a cause you believe in? Bartlett Farms offers a variety of ways you can contribute to the real food mission. Some of these are paid positions, and some simply give you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping make the world a better place.

Become An Advocate

By joining our newsletter you’ll become a Real Food Advocate. What does that mean? It means you’re someone committed to serving your family well, and sharing what you know to your friends and co-workers. Our newsletter includes articles and resources aimed at helping you improve your quality of life by making wise decisions.

Become A Contributor

Your talent can shine! We’re always looking for ways to enable the talented people among the customer base of Bartlett Farms to use their abilities to help others. Contact us if you’re interested in partnering for compensation, or receiving trial products as a bonus. 

Summer Internship Program

Bartlett Farms’ internship program gives you the opporunity to learn skills required for organic and sustainable agriculture. From daily pasture moves of cattle, to gathering eggs, to building fence and loading animals; to packing deliveries and guiding tours of the farm, the summer internship experience gives motivated individuals an opportunity to practice hands-on sustainable agriculture, and gain skills that will help you create your own successful enterprise.

Farm Assistants

Working from home or on a pre-arranged schedule is what we call an Assistant position. Paid freelance writing, curating recipes for the blog, or testing products are examples of what Farm Assistants may do.

Part or Full Time Employees

With a view toward helping you create a lifestyle that fits your dreams, Bartlett Farms offers limited positions for part- or full-time employees. Tasks may include herdsman, office manager, delivery manager, delivery driver or other contract-based positions.  

Contact the office for more details at