Caring for Dora

It’s never fun to talk about getting an injury, but as a owner of a real cow, we believe it’s a good opportunity to tell you about your cow. After all, she’s the one producing your delicious milk. 

Dora is a great milk cow. She’s soft and brown with a large “barrel” (the round part of her belly that holds her rumen) that makes her a good grazer. 

Dora’s eyes are sparkly and brown and she has big round ears. 

This summer Peter (the milkman) noticed Dora beginning to limp for a few days. She hadn’t hurt her foot that he knew of, but that made him wonder. 

After picking up Dora’s foot, Peter found that Dora picked up a case of “foot rot.” Foot rot is like athlete’s foot, only in animals. It grows between the cow’s toes and can get painful very quickly. 

Dora spent more time laying down and not walking around the pasture as a result.

Using natural remedies, Peter mixed up a solution of sugar crystals and betadine solution. The sugar helps coax the infection out and the betadine solution kills the bad guys.

Dairy report posted 9/16/15.