RealMilk: Get Started


Basic Milker ($80 startup, then $36 per month)

Provides about 2 gallons of delicious raw Jersey milk per month.


Family Milk Cow ($150 startup, then $56 per month) *most popular*

Provides about 4 gallons of delicious raw Jersey milk per month.


Home Dairy ($250 startup, then $130 per month)

Provides about 10 gallons of delicious raw Jersey milk per month.

Real Milk subscriptions include:

  • Authentic ownership of a Jersey cow,
  • Monthly interactive content delivered by mail or email,
  • Refrigerator magnets with your cow’s name and share ID#
  • Free delivery of raw milk in glass bottles.

You’ll actually get to know your cow!

Our goal is not simply to provide high quality raw milk. We are passionate about teaching kids (and their families) about the value of real food in a way that makes them excited to keep living healthy. We’re here to inspire you to keep following your dreams for health and life.

Sign up! Your cow is waiting.



Children love animals. We all do, don’t we? It’s something deep within us that craves a relationship with those affectionate beasts of the earth. Something 



Ready to get your kids started with raw milk?

Bartlett Farms RealMilk plans are bringing raw milk to life in the lives of dozens of families across North Dakota. We are passionate about what we do, and hope to become a source of inspiration to your family.

We offer three basic plans that are fully customizable to fit your needs.