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Many people today can’t eat normal eggs due to reactions from allergies and food sensitivities.

At Bartlett Farms, we’re here to help you fix that. That’s why our eggs come from chickens that are fed a specially formulated ration that contains:

…making these eggs best for egg sensitive individuals.

Why is this true? 

Doctors and consumers are discovering what has been called “secondary glutenization” where an individual reacts to a food like eggs because of the diet of the animal that food came from. 

This issue is becoming more and more prominent and as a result, we believe consumers need to be educated in what they can do to enjoy the benefits of eggs from chickens not fed the three primary trigger foods soy, corn and wheat. 

To learn more, start with the following links:

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The Weston A. Price Foundation on Second-Hand Soy

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Have you discovered yourself being sensitive to eggs and wanting to try an alternative? Let us know and we’ll deliver a free sample!