First off, we’d like to say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who came and participated in our 2016 Farm Tour and Customer Appreciation Day! It was great having you! Your business with our farm is what keeps us serving the community and helping to improve the lives of hundreds of people in North Dakota.

In case you don’t yet follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram), here are some photos from last weekend. Enjoy!

tour7 tour8 tour9 tour10 tour11 tour12 tour13 tour14 tour15 tour16 tour17




tour4 tour5 tour3



Last photo: Bartlett Farms 2016 field staff, Jim Bartlett (CEO), Peter Bartlett (Manager) and Becca Skelly (Intern).

If you missed the group tour and are interested in seeing the farm another time, please email or call to set up an appointment. 

Thanks again to all who participated!

Bartlett Farms

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