Real Milk Purifies Your Blood

Have you ever wondered how we’ve gotten so far from the “simple life” we hear talked about in the homesteading days of America? In the days before so much cancer, allergies, and intolerance became normal? So have we.

And we’ve thought about regaining that health that was typical for busy families a hundred years ago, as well.

Just think about it for a second. The world really hasn’t changed that much. We have changed. The things we were taught growing up trained us different from previous generations. We look for food at supermarkets instead of digging in our backyard garden. We ask for fast food when great-grandma would have planned ahead and roasted a chicken all day. In reality, those simpler times are still with us — if you take the time to realize them. Cows still love grass.

If you would have lived in 1905, you might have met Dr. Charles Porter. He ran a clinic to treat patients with his famous Milk Diet. He wrote the book, Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease.

To summarize Dr. Porter’s work, he found that raw milk given to patients over the course of a four-week period of rest and relaxation would cure almost any disease. How? By creating new blood. Milk is very similar to blood since it is produced in a mammal, and that’s why it easily manufactures new blood cells in those who drink raw milk. When new blood begins to pulse through a person’s veins, it flushes out toxins and revitalizes body tissues and organs. 

While you may not experience a full fledged milk diet treatment, the benefits of raw milk’s life-giving benefits are still waiting for you when you drink real milk from your cow. She is patiently producing it — why not take a minute to enjoy her gift of health to you.



1. Book review published by the Weston A Price Foundation.