Get Paid to Refer

Spread the word about Bartlett Farms to your friends and family and get up to $36 credit per person.

How does it work?logoonwhite

1. You tell your friends about Bartlett Farms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at your next family get-together.

2. When they sign up with our farm, they¬†will be asked, “Who referred you?” If they enter your first and last name as the person who referred them, you will begin receiving $3 store credit each time they place an order for up to 12 orders.

3. Your credit will appear on your account to be used for your next order. You may redeem the credit in cash by contacting Bartlett Farms. Refer 10 people and you have the potential to receive $360! 

Got it?! Thank you for your commitment to real food and a healthy lifestyle!