Can you help us out? It’ll just take a second. 

Owners in our cow-share program own real dairy cows that provide them with fresh raw milk. Since every cow has to have a calf about once a year, we try to share that experience with the cow’s owners.

This year we took a survey and asked the owners to come up with a few ideas for names for their cow’s calf. We actually collected quite a handful! Now it’s time to narrow it down to only the best. 

Take a look at the calves in the pictures below… they were born just last week. 

tulip calf

The first calf came from Tulip and is a bull (boy). 

carmen calf

The second calf came from Carmen and is a heifer (girl). 

Now scroll through the list below and choose which names you would like see used for these two calves. We’ll post the winners next week.  

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