Drumroll please….

We are happy to announce Hailey’s summer 2016 calf is named Ruby!


Thank you so much for taking the time to cast a vote! We were excited to have all the responses we did on the voting — 47 votes to be exact. Whenever a calf is born it really is an exciting time for us at the farm. And we love passing along some of that excitement to you by letting you submit names and vote!

The idea came from McKenna Jensen who lives in Minot. McKenna often visits the farm with her mom and grandma, and they saw the pattern on the calf’s forehead and thought of the name. Thanks for the idea, McKenna! 


McKenna Jensen (right) with her mom Bethany.

Check out the results in the pie graph below. Comet was a close second.

There will be another calf naming contest soon. Stay tuned for another chance to name a calf!

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