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Breeding Your Cow

Cows will not normally continue producing milk unless they are bred back and allowed to give birth to a calf about once a year. This cycle involves a period of rest for two months before the calf is due, to ensure that the cow has regained enough minerals and vitamins to polish off and deliver a healthy calf.

As a cow-share owner, you may have experienced your cow “going dry” at some point in your ownership. That is a normal part of every cow owning experience, and one way that you can be sure you are an actual owner of a real cow and are legally obtaining milk from the animal you own.

Keeping cows pregnant and calving is a priority for any cattle owner, especially a dairy. We are stewarding an animal that is equipped for milk production, and we must ensure that she receives the nourishment, attention, and rest needed to stay healthy for her life.

That’s why we’re here. We’re taking care of your animals, so you can enjoy the benefits of REAL milk with your family.

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