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A Cheesemaker’s Testimonial

Rhonda, your encouraging words mean so much to us! Thanks for sharing the glowing review!

I just got my first delivery of your raw milk this morning and made a batch of fresh mozzarella from a gallon of it, this afternoon. I had 3 gallons of store-bought whole milk that I had purchased while waiting for this morning, earlier in the week, with the intention of making mozzarella with it, too, so that I could make lasagna for my husband and myself, with homemade cheese, pasta, etc., since I prefer everything I make to be from scratch, as much as possible. I used the store-bought milk first, to use it up, and I wasn’t impressed with the results. First gallon only made a half-pound, and it didn’t produce good curds. Second gallon… total wash, went down the drain. Third gallon, better yield, but same curds as the first gallon. That used up the 3 store-bought gallons. Then I made the 4th batch, using a gallon of YOUR raw milk. Oh my goodness! The difference is NIGHT and DAY! The flavor, the texture, AND the yield of the cheese was stupendous! It even started to melt together while in the second heating of the curds and whey, into the traditional stringiness of mozzarella… I didn’t even have to do a water bath, if I didn’t want to.

I’m increasing my ‘extra milk’ order for the next delivery… if possible. Right now, can’t afford to upgrade to the next level in the milk plans, but I may end up doing so, as soon as I can!

Have even sold my husband on the raw milk… he was very skeptical, but now he’s sold! I’m sharing, too, that if any of your customers want to have their milk turned into cheese, whether it be mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese, cheddar, swiss, Colby, gouda, et al, just let them know my name and contact information… I would love to share!

Thanks, again, guys… good job in producing excellent raw milk!

-Rhonda A, Minot

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