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Garlic Teriaki Pork Kebabs

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Hi friends!

You’re already getting busier now that spring is here, but imagine when school is out and your summer schedule begins!

Lots more time outside and less time in the kitchen. But it’s not all work. There’s plenty of fun to look forward to — like having friends over to enjoy a bonfire or cooking up a special recipe on the grill. Summer can be one of the most special times of the year.

We all need less social media “friends” and more real face-to-face connections in our life. It adds so much meaningful value.

That’s partly why I’m sharing this recipe. Quality food that’s prepared in an amazing way actually heals our bodies, providing the building blocks to make us less prone to disease and more vibrant in our day to day life. But wrapped up in the real food experience is the opportunity to enjoy that food with friends!

The recipe below was sourced from Shannon Hayes’ book, The Farmer And The Grill. Shannon’s cookbooks open up the world of grass-fed and pastured meats to anyone desiring a hands-on understanding. We recommend her work!

As you plan ahead for the summer, please consider using real food as a powerful tool to build up and edify those around you. This recipe seems to provide a rather “festive” way to do just that. Enjoy!

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