Is There An Egg Conspiracy Going On?

Is there an egg conspiracy going on?

Thousands of chickens in commercial flocks are being slaughtered due to cases of Avian Flu. At the same time, according to some news sources and influencers on social media, claims are making the rounds that some brands of chicken feed may be causing backyard chickens to stop laying eggs.

Is this just a coincidence? Or is there more to the story?

With the price of eggs skyrocketing in grocery stores, everyone is wondering the same thing.

What’s happening to the eggs? 

From our studies, some data points to consider include:

  • Avian flu caused the death of more than 57.83 million birds since the start of 2022. This is more than the previous outbreak which caused the death of 50.5 million birds in 2015
  • Prices have risen at least 116% in egg-producing states like Minnesota in the past year due to feed and transportation, much of which is driven by inflation
  • Retailers may be price gouging, evidenced by the difference in price from one grocery store to another
  • Eggs are not being laid by backyard hens as many social media users seem to be saying

While we don’t claim to know all the answers, one commentator advised:

“If you are a farmer, stop feeding your animals with Purina feed. After investigating I am convinced that they could be behind the issue with hens not laying eggs. Entirely feasible that a corporation would poison animals to increase their profit margins.”

While we can’t say for sure that there’s a conspiracy to create egg shortages, we do know that there’s a global effort to control food production. Whoever controls the food supply controls the people who eat that food.

That’s why we believe in serving our local community with farm-direct delivery to your door. No middleman. 

So with prices going up, chickens dying from bird flu, and a suspicious decrease in backyard egg production, we thought it would be a good time to share exactly what our chickens eat that keeps them healthy and laying nutrient-rich eggs for your table!

What Our Chickens Actually Eat

Over the years one of the main questions we get asked is how we feed our chickens organically AND corn- and soy-free. The exact recipe is our trade secret, but to be fully transparent we’re giving you the full ingredients list below:

  • Organic field peas
  • Organic oats
  • Organic barley
  • Organic alfalfa meal
  • Organic flax meal
  • Organic fish meal
  • Raw, unpasteurized milk from our dairy
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Oyster shells
  • Granite grit
  • Sunny pasture including dirt, worms and grass in summer, and hay & straw in winter
  • Grass-fed beef liver
  • Beef/pork suet
  • Organic trace mineral blend

With years of perfecting the recipe, we can say with confidence that these ingredients nourish and sustain healthy chickens!

And pastured-based production systems have been shown to create disease resistance by building the immune system.

We know you want eggs you can trust.

And that’s why we’re excited to announce annual pre-paid egg subscriptions where you save 11% on delicious nutrient-rich eggs delivered to your door!


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Bartlett Farms

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