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Milk-Fed Soy-Free Corn-Free Pastured Pork

Would you like some pastured pork from hogs raised with raw milk and acorns in an oak forest? ORDER HERE. One group heads for the butcher tomorrow (February 9th), more next week.

Forest rooting increases hog mineral intake because tree roots take up and concentrate minerals from the soil. Other inputs include grass and hay; fish meal; non-gmo corn-free soy-free feed; natural hog minerals and apple cider vinegar.

  • No antibiotics,
  • No artificial hormones,
  • No vaccines,
  • No tail docking,
  • No teeth clipping.

Just happy, healthy hogs living the life next to a lake and playing all day with their family in the fields and woods.

The butcher will provide you with all the processing options. Think sausage, bacon, ham and pork chops like the paleo diet or other recipes. Ask for fresh bacon and fresh hams to avoid the hormone inhibiting nitrates.

-Post by Jim Bartlett, Pastured Hog Operations Manager

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Bartlett Farms

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  1. Lisa Jackson

    Hi! I am interested in getting some pork. I am wondering about prices and how far of a drive you are from Bismarck. Thank you!

    • Bartlett Farms

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your interest! We deliver to Bismarck every other Saturday, and handle all the pickup/packaging from the butcher. We may even be able to bring it to your home if you’re in town.

      Deposits are taken to reserve the order, and a remainder is paid once the hog is finished. The deposit is $200, and the remainder comes up to about $200 as well. There are many variables, so this is only approximate.
      If you’re interested, the first step is to register with the website (click “Get Started” on the home page), then add the pork deposit to your upcoming delivery. We will be in touch when the hog is ready for processing.

      Any questions, let us know!
      Peter (


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