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New Life: A Cow Gives Birth [VIDEO]

Have you ever experienced new life entering the world? It’s amazing to see!

Sunday evening one of the Jersey cows, Hailey, went into labor and shortly after delivered a healthy heifer calf. A “heifer” is the term for a young female cow that has not yet had a calf of her own.

Watch this video as Peter gives you a first-hand glimpse of new cow entering the world. Enjoy!

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  1. Angela

    The kids and I think Freedom would be a good name for the calf!

    • Bartlett Farms

      That’s a good one, Angela! Born on the eve of July 4th. We’ll be posting the poll after some names are gathered in from Hailey’s owners.

  2. Mary Lu Stephanie

    We think you should name her Sharin, because we’re thankful n blessed for you sharin the birth with us

  3. Travis

    We think Comet would be a neat option ~ as in Halley’s Comet! Different spelling, but still neat!


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