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Raw Dairy Fact #1: The Wulzen Factor

It’s so exciting to discover the amazing benefits of raw dairy — benefits that have been around for thousands of years, but things that we’re only starting to uncover scientifically in recent years.

Today we’ll take a look at our Raw Dairy Fact #1:

Raw cream has the “Wulzen” or “anti-stiffness” factor.

You’ve probably never heard of it before, but the Wulzen factor has been shown to reduce the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.

Rosalind Wulzen, born in 1886, discovered this compound and how it prevented calcification in the joints of mammals (ref.).

Due to the fragile nature of the butterfat globules that carry the Wulzen factor, agitating the cream in milk by homogenization or by churning into butter may actually reduce or eliminate the beneficial effects of the Wulzen factor.

That’s why fluid milk is probably the best way for you and your family to enjoy the exciting benefits of raw dairy.

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