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Are You Clear On What’s Important? Try this…

It’s already February and if you’re like us, you’ve gotten super busy working toward your goals for the year.

Nicole and I are expecting our next baby in a couple of months as well as managing a new farmhouse being built on the farm where we will call home!

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I know you’ve been busy too. We all are.

But the problem with being busy is that it becomes hard to feel like we’re making progress since it can feel like we’re simply putting out fires.

Keeping things from falling apart instead of moving forward.

But there’s a simple exercise that we do when we are feeling overwhelmed that we know will help you, too.

Being busy doesn’t have to feel like treading water.

The things we’re busy with can be fun and exciting IF we keep our “WHY” in focus.

I hope you’ll find these steps helpful too as we head into February.

1. Ask yourself what are your core beliefs around WHY you’re doing what you do.

For us, when we think about running a raw milk dairy, building healthy babies, managing a growing business, and everything else day to day, we think about our core beliefs which include,

  • God has given us gifts to steward – like loving to work with animals, stewarding our health, and sharing these gifts with others.
  • Be fruitful and multiply – which means having kids! And seeing them as blessings and encouraging others to do the same, even when it’s a lot of work.
  • Food is medicine. Understanding food as the way God made us to nourish our bodies so we stay healthy and can share that health with people like you.

2. Think about how you approach what you do intentionally.

We all do things differently, but what gives meaning to the way we do things is that we try to do them intentionally aligned with our beliefs. It’s not perfect by any means, but we can always do better.

For us, that means,

  • Using regenerative farming that respects the unique design of animals and their ecosystems. Pigs in the woods, cows in the grasslands, chickens freely ranging.
  • Pasture-based systems that increase the nutrition in foods we deliver to customers. This gives better results for families looking to experience health.
  • Avoiding toxins like chemical dewormers, mRNA vaccines, pesticides, and synthetic chemicals in the production and packaging of our products.

3. List what you have to do today and think about how each thing fits with your WHY.

For us, a typical workday may include,

  • Milking cows 2x a day – sometimes in the worst of weather!
  • Packing a healthy lunch to go since we’ll be busy and not able to be home for lunch.
  • Putting kids to bed – making sure they know they are loved and an important part of mom and dad’s day.

By thinking about why we do everything we can feel better knowing the busy schedule is aligned with a bigger purpose.

And for us, our business here at Bartlett Farms represents our commitment to a bigger purpose with you in mind!

Bartlett Farms exists to help you raise the next generation with better health, stronger immune systems, and access to resources that prevent disease for a longer, thriving life.

Our farm has been in business for over 15 years serving thousands of people, and we’re committed to continuing to provide resources, education, and inspiration for a healthy life.

Stay tuned for more coming your way in 2024.

Your farmers,

Peter, Nicole, Edward, and baby on the way

Written by:

Bartlett Farms

Bartlett Farms exists to help you raise the next generation of kids with stronger immune systems and more robust bodies that experience less disease and greater health. Follow us on social media at and


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