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Tell Senators “Do Pass” on Raw Milk Bill HB 1515

Make your voice heard for raw milk!

If you’ve been following our social media, you’ve heard the rumor that a GOOD raw milk bill is being considered in the ND legislature now.

If passed, House Bill 1515 would make it even easier for people like you to obtain raw milk directly from farmers by dropping the regulation that prohibits the retail sale of raw milk in ND.

Right now, the law requires consumers to obtain a “share” of ownership in a cow that produces the raw milk they receive. Bartlett Farms has pioneered cow-share sales in North Dakota (even helping codify shares in the legislature in 2011) but times are changing and now is the time to make raw milk more widely available.

Your voice matters!

In two days (Thursday, March 16th, at 11:00 a.m. in the Fort Union room of the State Capitol) the Senate Agriculture committee is hearing testimony for and against this raw milk bill.

We need YOU to send an email now.

>> Please contact committee members and ask them for a “Do Pass” recommendation of the bill in its current form which you can read here.

Email addresses for Senate Ag Members are:

Larry Luick:

Janne Mrydal:

Kathy Hogan:

Randy Lemm:

Mark Weber:

Kent Weston:

Be concise, clear, and polite. 1-2 sentences in an email are fine. 

When emailing, be sure to put in the SUBJECT line: “Yes on 1515” or “Yes on Raw Milk.” Sometimes legislators don’t have time to read each email, but they can quickly sort based on the subject line.

If you have questions, let us know!

Peter Bartlett

Dairy Director, Bartlett Farms

P.S. The regulators are on edge trying to keep raw milk out of more people’s hands. But thanks to raw milk advocates like you, we can make our voices heard! Email Senators now.

Written by:

Bartlett Farms

Bartlett Farms exists to help you raise the next generation of kids with stronger immune systems and more robust bodies that experience less disease and greater health. Follow us on social media at and


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