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What’s With Wheat?

Have you ever wondered if you’re gluten intolerant? Why is it talked about so much these days? What’s causing all the intolerance and allergies?

The new documentary “What’s With Wheat” is answering those questions.

“The story of wheat is the story of food.”


Jim Bartlett, CEO and delivery driver for Bartlett Farms, gave the following bullet point summary of “What’s With Wheat”:

  1. Leaky gut is a root cause of many health conditions, gluten being a first trigger.
  2. Glyphosate used in commercial farming destroys human gut bacteria.
  3. Glyphostate can last 20 years in soil, therefore three year Certified Organic fields may not be enough.
  4. Neurotoxins lead to many odd health conditions.
  5. Human gut biome and its problems are passed on to each generation.
  6. Bifida helps digest gluten and grains.
  7. Bifida is found in raw milk.
  8. Problem is when raw milk or wheat have poisons from farming practices, the poisons kill the bifida.
  9. Pasturizing milk kills bifida.
  10. Inflammation — causes a long list of health problems: joints, heart, blood vessels, learning issues, psychiatric issues, MS, thyroid, brain, kidneys..
  11. MDs have only 15 hours of nutrition education in 4 year medical program. They are only taught drug use.
  12. People die from autoimmune conditions. Need to ditch gluten 100% until problems solved.
  13. Epigenics controls gene activities: food, stress, sleep.
  14. 70% of genes are controlled by things we can control via epigenetics.
  15. Every bite of food has hormonal impact and an effect on gene expression, require on/off input from us.  Therefore there is hope!
  16. Start listening to your body carefully, not just medicate symptoms. Healthy cells grow from inside out.
  17. Grains can be addictive. Like morphine in gut, causing high experience. Short on nutrients, high in calories.
  18. Gluten-free packaged food is also a problem. Also gluten in cosmetics, sweeteners and more.
  19. Brains are affected by gluten, even one bite a day will prevent healing, even cross contamination in factories or kitchens.
  20. Wheat leads to a mostly bland diet, not a problem to eliminate.
  21. Arthritis can go away, sinus issues and more.  Not just due to getting older.
  22. Diet and lifestyle, lots of vegetables, sufficient protein, move bodies, loving family, reduces healthcare costs.
  23. Change conversation to good food, not talking about the bad as much as making the transition.
  24. Might take days or weeks to see profound changes.  Acute reactions can appear when reintroduced.
  25. Each person is different on food intolerance. People lose weight when eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle.
  26. Use old fashioned grains, fresh, sourdough bread as option.
  27. It is simple to abandon toxic agriculture.
  28. It is what we have done to wheat that is the problem.
  29. Grow gardens.
  30. Can’t medicate and operate our way to health.
  31. Modern agriculture is giving our bodies genetic information our bodies don’t know how to handle.
  32. Not a diet, but a way of eating is the key.
  33. Roadblock is that we and society have forgotten what it is like to be healthy.

Written by:

Bartlett Farms

Bartlett Farms exists to help you raise the next generation of kids with stronger immune systems and more robust bodies that experience less disease and greater health. Follow us on social media at and


  1. Janice

    What a great film. Thanks for sharing!!
    Jim… Brilliant recap on the main talking points!! I think you nailed it.

    • Bartlett Farms

      Great, Janice. Glad you had a chance to watch it. Hope all is well with y’all!


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