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April 15-24th

  • Bulk Chickens, Pork, Beef, for delivery in 2022
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  • New Limited-Time Ancestral Blend Ground BEef

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100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef, Pastured Pork and Poultry


Heritage Half Hog For $9.60/lb

Approximately 80 pounds of various pork cuts in our most popular half hog option.

Deposit $399

1/2 Beef For $10.59/lb

Approximately 175-200 lbs of various beef cuts in our most popular half-beef option.

Deposit $799

Guaranteed Nutrient-Dense


Heritage Pork Parcel $49.99/Box

Heritage pastured pork subscription delivered bi-weekly or monthly. Approx. 5 lbs including sausage, pork chops, and a roast.

Grass-Only Beef Parcel $129.99/Box

Beef subscription delivered bi-weekly or monthly. 12 lbs including 4 steaks (may include tenderloin, ribeye, NY strip, sirloin), 1 roast, and ground beef. 

Pastured Soy-Free Eggs $8.99/dozen

Pastured soy-free eggs delivered every other week. From chickens fed a diet of pasture and organic grains free of soy and corn. 

Questions? Call 701-263-4574 or Email


Ancestral Blend Ground Beef $12.99/lb

New! Ground beef with liver, heart, and kidney added for nature’s multivitamin. Pre-order 10 lbs minimum. 

Medium Soy-Free Thanksgiving Turkeys $8.99/lb

Order early so you know you’ve got yours coming don’t miss out. Reserve for $79 each.

Beef & Pork Add-Ons

Get a taste of farm-fresh meat now while you await your bulk order later this year. Access our selection of premium cuts and get them delivered ASAP.

Know what you’re feeding your family and where it came from. 

FREE Delivery To Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, Williston + More

Thanks to Bartlett farms and information provided by The book “Nourishing Traditions”, my family is thriving on lots of RAW MILK, pastured beef/chicken liver, fermented foods and pastured eggs from our backyard chickens. 

Emily B. Cartwright ND

I have tried meats from all the major meat-shipping companies. I can honestly say none of them have had chicken that was anywhere close to the quality you provide.

Milan C Stanley, ND

Thank you for providing natural, healthy animal food products and a good environment for the animals!

Jeremy A. Minot AFB

First-time customer; half-beef ordered. Bartlett Farms performed exactly according to all that they told us to expect from them

Robert T. Fairdale, ND

I just loved seeing the chickens pecking all the bugs. I know that gives the chickens so much flavor, even after boiling all day for soup broth.

Marleena R. Grand Forks

We are enjoying everything we received in our order. Everything is delicious.

Guy L. Cando ND

Why Pasture Matters At Bartlett Farms

When it comes to raising protein for your table, how the animal is raised directly impacts the quality and nutrient density of the finished steak, chicken strip, or sizzling bacon. At Bartlett Farms, we believe food is medicine which is why everything we do in creating meats for your table starts with the question, how can this be it’s absolute best?” 

Respect for the design of the animal and their habitat in the wild helps guide how we raise livestock. Chickens, for example, spend their time on grass eating bugs, seeds, and enjoying the sunshine instead of cooped up indoors. Hogs spend their days eating high-quality forage supplemented with raw milk. The cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, boosting the levels of nutrients like CLA and omega 3s for anti-inflammatory health benefits. 

Come for a tour and see for yourself!


Do you have questions? Email for help with determining your needs. Replies are usually within 24 hours on weekdays.

Would you like a tour of the farm? Let us know! We love being transparent with our practices and letting you know where your food is produced.

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